How did it begin?

Airi Kivi, founder

After the Cleaning Day of the Teeme Ära 2008 , the exhausted but happy organisational team came together by the Lake Võrtsjärv for the summer days. We made conclusions and it seemed that nothing that huge will be planned in the near future. But owing to the wonderful companionship and enthusiasm ideas started to evolve until there was no stop to it.

We had a brainstorming session with the goal of finding exciting new challenges. In no other circumstances could I have dared to express the idea that all people could be happy. For me, this statement has a long history, since I am a psychologist and for years have been training numerous business teams. In the course of analysing communication and management situations, the issue of happiness has come up repetitively. The subject of personal and professional happiness is truly essential for me. Attaining happiness may not be easy. However it is sad to see people making compromises at the cost of personal contentment. Expressing one’s wishes and views demands courage and it may not always please others. Nevertheless, a matter that essential should not be left aside.

Back to the summer days… The ideas had been called out and the people started to join groups dependent on which idea seemed attractive. I took a large sheet of writing board paper and waited for the ones interested in the issue of happiness. In a little while, a small group had been formed and together we started to write down keywords associated with happiness.

Two groups were formed all in all. The idea of the other group evolved later into the next Teeme Ära project. We focused on creating the Bank of Happiness.

The foundation document of the bank was signed by a large part of the Teeme Ära team and the intensive work period could begin. It is wonderful that the idea of the Bank of Happiness has been so inspiring to a large number of people, as we received letters and cooperation propositions from Estonia as well as from abroad. “To make all people happy!” is the vision and the main goal of the Bank of Happiness written down in the foundation document of the Bank.

We were inspired by the clear understanding that there is a gap in the society between humane caring and economic well-being. We were then and are today convinced that the formula of happiness lies in noticing others. We feel that people want to help others, but often don’t know how. On the other hand, we know that there are people who need help in solving their daily problems, but don’t know whom to address. This led to the idea to bring these two parties together and to create a website for it.

The name “The Bank of Happiness” gave the structure to the idea. In our eyes, all people can be the clients of the Bank. Everyone could think a little and find something that he or she can do well or is fond of doing. We believe that by dedicating one’s personal time it is possible to experience positive emotions. It can be advice on a computer issue, lawn mowing or teaching German. In the Bank of Happiness every good deed is worth one Star of Gratitude or a friendly smile!