A small review

Apr 25, 2013

Bank of Happiness has reached a magical number – we have over 500 active ads in three languages – Estonian, English and German. Why not make a summary of them?

Most of the ads are in Estonian – over 450. It is refreshing to see that in our environment you can find more Offers than Needs. When browsing through them one can get the impression that there should not be a single person in Estonia who has a problem but no one to share it with – this is one of the most popular types of ads in Bank of Happiness.

Most popular offers

When trying to group similar adds together, the most popular areas for offers are the following: IT assistance (27 offers), help with listening to ones problems (22), legal and financial consulting (14), offer to walk with one’s dog (13), childcare (12), help with starting a company and writing a project (11), looking after elderly people (8), electrician tasks (8), editing and reviewing texts (6), putting together a CV and consultation for a job interview (6), help with renovations (5), creating a web page (5), chopping wood (5), good company (5) or just a relaxing massage (4).

Offering help with learning a language or translating a text is also very popular – 35 offers altogether. Most popular languages are English (11), Russian (6) and Estonian (4), but if you wish you will also find help with Greek, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Italian.

Also transportation should not worry the users of Bank of Happiness since you can get a ride all over Estonia, for example near Tallinn, South of Estonia, Rakevere and when travelling between Tallinn and Saku, also between Tallinn and Pärnu. Even more! You can also ask for advice when travelling to Istanbul, Madrid and Cyprus or when you wish to continue your studies in Great Britain or Barcelona. Not to mention if you just want to learn how to juggle with 3 balls or how to make German homebrewed beer. Everything is possible!

Most popular needs

Also the added needs can be grouped together making the following categories the most popular: renovation and building (17 needs), search for a companion and friend (16), childcare (7), starting a company and writing a project (7) and help with schoolwork (6). Bank of Happiness users also search for help when learning various instruments, like the guitar (4), piano (3), harmonica (2) and drums (1).

Help is also needed for improving language skills. Most popular languages which people want to learn are Estonian (4), Finnish (3), English (3) and Russian (3), but also French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese have been mentioned. Also help with translations into Russian, German, Spanish, French, Estonian and English is being looked for.

Companions are searched for activities like sports, when walking with one’s child, or just to find someone with whom to speak in Estonian while abroad (like in Columbia or Istanbul).

As you can see we have seen a lot of very nice offers and needs on our Estonian page within the last 5 years.  It is also important to point out that there are great ads on our English and German page where we have received offers and needs from USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany and many more. So, why not learn how to make strawberry jam or swim in the ocean, or ask for a place to stay in Germany in exchange for some gardening work?

Aren’t we just surrounded by the nicest people?

Happy Banking!