Bank of Happiness in numbers

May 12, 2013

As of 28th of April the number of Bank of Happiness users is the following: German (116) and English speaking customers are overshadowed by our Estonian users – 1949 registered users.

The smallest number of Needs can be found on the English environment – 9. In German environment there are 80 and in Estonian 141 Needs ads. The same situation can be found for Offers – there are 29 Offers in English, 178 in German and 304 in Estonian.

Now a bit on statistics from the last year, this gives an overview of the activities on the Bank of Happiness web page.

Number of ads based per language and month

Monthly overview of ads in German in the following: last November 6 and December 51. So far the most active month in 2013 has been January with 48 ads. It is followed by February with 41 and March with 31 ads. By 28th of April there were 25 new ads added that month. 

In English, 2012 had the following numbers: May with 7, June with 2, July with 2, 16 new ads were entered from end of August to end of September, 3 in October, 13 in November and 2 in December. 2013 started with 5 new ads in January, 12 in February, 2 in March and 9 in April.

Activities on our Estonian page can be illustrated with the following figures from 2012: 53 in May, 23 in June, 39 in July, 18 in August, 12 in September, 38 in October, 23 in November and 58 in December. 2013 has started nicely as well: 39 ads in January, 61 in February, 22 in March and 53 in April.