Jul 22, 2013

Summer - the time of maxi-days and mini-skirts. What about the summery ads in the Bank of Happiness environment?

Among the Estonian ads the summery feel oozes from the requests for accommodation but as usual the warm weather does not stop Estonians from wanting to improve their language skills – in Danish and Russian this time. From the more colourful ads we would point out the wish to learn how to read Taro cards and the offer to help lose weight and quit smoking through hypnosis – there isn’t a better time for this than summer!

When browsing through the German ads one can find help with gardening and baby- or dog sitting while help is sought in order to learn the piano. Also, an offer in eurhythmics and help requests with scything and painting – utterly summery topics – have been added.

The English environment offers its users accommodation in various locations and also help with translating (from German into English), not to mention the kind offer to share ones things with others and teach how to make vegan tomato bread spread.

There is something for everybody!