Bank of Happiness is now also in Croatian!

May 12, 2015

As of this year, Bank of Happiness (BoH) can celebrate its birthday in Croatia on 20th of March – the international day of happiness. The moving force in making this happen is Ivana Stulic, member of Non-Profit Organization (NPO) POZA, who has a history of being socially active, as have other team members with entrepreneurship background – President Aco Momcilovic and Marijana Sarolic-Robic. They have not thought twice about helping the elderly, children in orphanages and participating in soup kitchen activities.

Ivana says that she likes the values of Bank of Happiness and wishes to give the people in Croatia the opportunity to use this environment. At first, the principles and terms of use were translated. Majority of preparation work was done between autumn 2014 and beginning of 2015.

On 19th of March 2015 a press conference was held in Zagreb theatre. Besides the team members, participates also included some local celebrities like entrepreneur Sasa Cvetojevic and TV host Mia Kovacic, who have become the public spokespersons of the project.

On 20th of March the publishing of the page was celebrated in a city center bar in Zagreb where members of the NPO, supporters and spokespersons were invited and encouraged to do good and post their ads into the web environment. The most famous pianist in Croatia – Vitomir Ivanjek – and gospel choir Sunce performed their music for this purpose.

The active Croatian BoH team was very happy to see the media coverage of the event – Bank of Happiness was talked about in TV, radio and in Internet portals. Some public events are planned also for the future. Feedback received so far has been very positive, there are almost 100 ads on the page and the number is constantly increasing. You can find offers like cooking and photography lessons, offers for shopping assistance, writing lyrics for bands, learning sign language and guidance on how to start a business abroad, paint t-shirts and even repairing mail boxes. J

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Of course, please visit our page in Croatian language via .

Wishing you a beautiful and happy May,

Your Bank of Happiness team