Adding paid services is allowed!

Apr 23, 2020

Dear friend of Bank of Happiness,
We hope You and Your loved ones are healthy and in great spirits!
With the changing times, we have decided to change our rules and allow adding ads for paid services to connect service providers with possible end users. It is the best time to tell everyone what You are great at and could offer to others.
Can you bake, give advice on digital marketing or just want to talk about happy things? Add your ad and
If you manage to successfully sell your services, you can also support Bank of Happiness (bank account: EE582200221044020032 Swedbank) and donate your time to do good.
Maybe we can create a small wonder and connect a service provider with an interested party!
To ensure Bank of Happiness could bring the maximum amount of happiness, tell Your friends about us.
Also, share Your experience with us!
As before – we don’t allow ads asking for money or selling things You find laying around in your cupboards. Ads like these will be removed from our webpage.
Your Bank of Happiness team