Terms of Use

1. Definitions

1.1 Website - the collection of information and good deeds (including database) on the internet, which is available at www.onnepank.ee

1.2 Database - the collection of needs, offers, announcements, texts, data, and photos (attached to the aforementioned items) created by and belonging to the ÕNNEPANK MTÜ.

1.3 Administrator - the administrator of the website and the database is MTÜ ÕNNEPANK, registration code number: 80277402, address: Lastekodu 29-10, 10113 Tallinn.

1.4 User(s) - individual(s) registered through the website, who use services offered by the Administrator or who familiarize themselves with these services.

1.5 Use - the use of the website is defined as a usage of needs, offers, announcements, texts, and other data published on the website in any way and for any purpose.

2. General terms

2.1 Users are allowed to publish on the website only announcements, which are in accord with good deeds' principles and with concepts of MTÜ Õnnepank.

2.2 After registering on the website, all users confirm their compliance with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws. By becoming a user, you acknowledge that you agree with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use. If you do not want to agree with that, the use of the website is prohibited.

2.3 The use of the website with software programs, which send to the website automatic requests, including using robot, spider, scraper or other automatic software programs, is not allowed.

2.4 The proper use of the website includes familiarizing with the website's content by searching pages and publishing information, which is relevant and corresponding to the goals and concepts of the website and is in accord with these Terms of Use.

2.5 All actions, which are not included at Clause 2.4 of these Terms of Use, are needed first to receive a permit from the administrator.

2.6 In case one of the clauses in Terms of Use is in a conflict with valid legal rules, this does not affect the validity of the rest of the clauses.

3. Publishing announcements and using other services

3.1 Users have to impart only correct data when publishing needs, offers, announcements, texts, data, or photos, including the use of their correct full name. Users are prohibited to impart and publish inaccurate and/or erroneous data. Users publish needs, offers, announcements, other texts, and photos to the website in good faith and the data have to be in compliance with the law. Users confirm and are required to ensure that the data published by them in the website:

a) are not erroneous, unclear, and/or incorrect;

b) do not contain offers for services, which are not compliant with the law;

c) are not in conflict with the law and/or common sense and good judgment, including intellectual property law.

3.2 An announcement of a user is published on the website as soon as a user creates and imparts it, but the administrator has a right to remove the announcement which is not in compliance with these Terms of Use.

3.3 A user is responsible for the use of the website and for announcements published on the website. The administrator is not responsible for the secrecy, correctness, and validity of information published on the website as well as for its compliance with the law and common sense and good judgment. The administrator is not responsible for the quality of services offered on the website.

3.4 Users offer services and make transactions without the direct intervention of the administrator and are personally responsible for offering all mentioned services and for making and fulfilling transactions. The administrator is not in any way responsible for the damage to tangible or intangible assets resulting from the use of offered services.

3.5 The administrator has a right to choose its contract partners by itself, without users' and other individuals' consent.

4. Registration and data security

4.1 Registration is necessary for publishing announcements on the website and for viewing contact information of other users in their announcements. Registration is not necessary for viewing the website.

4.2 Registration of a user has no expiration date. A user has a right to close the account at any time.

4.3 When registering on the website, a user agrees that the administrator can use her or his contact information provided during registration in compliance with these Terms of Use and applicable laws of Estonia.

4.4 The administrator does not disclose contact information to any third party, except in the events required by law (including preventing and investigating a crime). The administrator adds user's contact information to the mailing list only upon the user's agreement.

4.5 The administrator has the right to gather data related to the use of the website, which are necessary for the website's development and to provide these data to the website's developers. Users agree with this unconditionally.

5. Copyrights

5.1 The website and all its content (format and technical decisions, including the database) are protected by copyright.

5.2 The administrator is the copyright owner of the website and its content.

5.3 The administrator has a right for pursuing copyrights for the website worldwide.

5.4 The user gives the rights for published data (photos, texts etc) to the Administrator. The user also gives the permission for the administrator to use all copyrights for these data worldwide (including using them in any way suited to the administrator).

6. Users' rights and responsibilities

6.1 Users agree to use the website in good faith and in compliance with these Terms of Use and the law.

6.2 The use of the website for fraud or other delinquencies is prohibited.

6.3 Users are forbidden to use the website for making business and providing payable services or for promoting such activities and services.

6.4 When agreeing with these Terms of Use, the user confirms the following:

a) he/she is an adult (at least 18 years old) and does not have any lawful restrictions for providing services, making and fulfilling contracts;

b) the user who is a minor (younger than 18 years old) confirms, that he/she has received a permission for using the website from his/her legal guardian or legal parent. The administrator does not respond for any claims arising from the lack of such permission.

c) that he/she is responsible for the content of data and announcements he/she published on the website;

d) the user understands that offering services on the website and/or receiving services published on the website happens without the administrator's intervention and is not administrator's responsibility;

e) that the legal agreement between the user and the administrator is described in these Terms of Use clearly enough. The use of the website for other purposes, not reflected in these Terms of Use, can only happen with prior written permission from the administrator.

6.5 The user agrees to keep login and password required for logging into the website secret. The user has to make sure that the aforementioned data are not available for a third party. The user is responsible for informing the administrator in case of losing login and password information or in case a third party illegally acquires this information.

6.6 The user agrees to use the website only for lawful purposes and agrees to do it in compliance with intellectual property laws.

7. Administrator's rights and responsibilities

7.1 The administrator always has a right to restrict user's rights for using the website or to close user's account in case a user violates these Terms of Use.

7.2 The administrator has a right to restrict the use of the website for people who do not act in compliance with these Terms of Use and who break the existing laws when using the website. A user will get informed once his or her rights are restricted and the issues will be solved during a negotiation. If an agreement is not reached, the issues will be discussed in Harju Regional Court. The existing laws of the Estonian Republic apply to the legal relationship between the user and the administrator.

7.3 The administrator has a right to inspect announcements published by users on the website.

7.4 The administrator has a right at any time and without notice to remove announcements, which provide inaccurate and/or incorrect data, which break the law or which are not in compliance with these Terms of Use and are not in accordance with common sense and good judgment.

7.5 The administrator has a right at any time and without notice to remove announcements, the content of which refers to business or other payable services and/or advertisement of such services.

7.6 The administrator has a right to change these Terms of Use at any time and users, thus, are responsible for checking these Terms of Use regularly. Updated Terms of Use would be published on the website and they would become effective at the time of publishing on the website. The use of the website should be in compliance with Terms of Use, which are effective during the time of use, i.e. in compliance with updated Terms of Use.