Ryan Grant writer for recycled product.

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Hello, i have designed and created a new product that uses old propane tanks(LP cylinders) I spend all of my energy on design, manufacturing, marketing and selling. I don't have much time or the skill to write grants. If anyone would like to help or get involved i would much appreciate it. There is grant money available for such products locally, state, and federally i believe.
I want to help or Ask for more info


  • Kat "Hi Ryan, I might be able to help you. I'm a Marketing/PR jack-of-all trades and professional writer. I've never written a grant before but think I could do it well. Also, I have a BS in Conservation Sciences in addition to my BA in Creative Writing, so I have some familiarity with scientific writing. I'd like to know more about your product, your hopes/goals for finding funding and what kind of timeline you're on."

    2548 days ago