Liza offers to send you a friendly email

Categories: Friendship Writing
Valid: until 5.08.2013
Like getting mail from a friend. I'll send you a cheerful email.


  • Liz is interested in this offer from Liza 2540 days ago
  • Candace is not interested anymore 2539 days ago
  • Pedro is interested in this offer from Liza 2538 days ago
  • Pedro "I would be happy to get a friendly e-mail Liza, thank you..."

    2538 days ago
  • Liza confirmed Liz's interest 2536 days ago
  • Liza confirmed Pedro's interest 2538 days ago
  • Liz gave Liza a star: "Thank you That was really nice of you to do. It perked up my day. You have a great day and enjoy your weather! Thanks Liz"

    2536 days ago