Brenna needs to know how to start a business.

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  • Caren "Hi, Brenna, Did you get help? Have you already started your business? I used to teach business startup and recently taught "cottage industries". If you are at the very beginning and have questions, let me know. Caren"

    2512 days ago
  • Brenna "Hi Caren, I do still need help with starting a business! I am looking to start one for cancer exercise rehabilitation. I guess the closest comparison I can make is it would sort of be like personal training for cancer patients. My business will also be mobile, as I will be driving to my patients houses. I really have no idea where to start! "

    2508 days ago
  • Kai is not interested anymore 2490 days ago
  • Kai "Hi Brenna, Sounds like Caren may have more official advice. I just wanted to add that, if you've been in receipt of employment insurance on the last 3 years, the Self Employment Benefit program can bee a great help, both in training and financially. Good luck!"

    2490 days ago
  • Katie promised to help Brenna 2485 days ago
  • Brenna confirmed Katie's interest 2479 days ago
  • Margaretha "Hi Brenna I do Small Business Training and would like to know if you have now started your business and if you still need help? "

    2432 days ago