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  • Edwyna is interested in this offer from David 2512 days ago
  • Edwyna "Aloha David! I had a stroke and often forget to take my keys when I leave my condo. Do you have any locks to recommend where I could enter a few numbers to let me back in? Mahalo, Thank you, Edwyna Spiegel"

    2512 days ago
  • David confirmed Edwyna's interest 2511 days ago
  • David "Aloha, Edwyna. Yes I do have a suggestion. Email me for details."

    2511 days ago
  • Rebecca is interested in this offer from David 2509 days ago
  • Rebecca "Hi David, I recently moved into a new place. It has a gate lock on the back door that you just slide into place. is this secure enough or should i consider replacing it? Thank you for your offer of help!"

    2509 days ago
  • David confirmed Rebecca's interest 2508 days ago
  • Manisha is interested in this offer from David 2506 days ago