Melissa offers getting started with Mindfulness Meditation

Location: London, UK
Valid: indefinitely
I have been meditating for a few years now and it has changed my life. If you are interested in meditation, but have been unsure how to get going I can help you :)
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  • Shrikant "How do I connect with you? phone/email etc."

    2736 days ago
  • Adam is interested in this offer from Melissa 2736 days ago
  • Adam "Hello Melissa, I am 21 and from Newcastle, UK. Over the past couple of months I have discovered spirituality and it has been transforming my life ever since. I have started to practise Buddhist Zazen and would love to learn more. Thank you for offering such a brilliant service :) Thank you"

    2736 days ago
  • Melissa confirmed Adam's interest 2734 days ago
  • Rebecca is interested in this offer from Melissa 2734 days ago
  • Rebecca "Hi Melissa, I'm interested in your offer because i need to have a more balanced lifestyle. Can you help me with this? How should i get in contact with you?"

    2734 days ago
  • Melissa confirmed Rebecca's interest 2733 days ago