Carlito needs help to establish a community project in Estonia

Location: Tallinn
Valid: indefinitely
I want to help or Ask for more info


  • Airi "Hello! What kind of help you need?"

    2750 days ago
  • Carlito "Tere Airi, thanks for replying. I am hoping to kick off some alternative "book club" type meetups, hopefully leading to an alternative community. was hoping to get some help or ideas on establishing this."

    2750 days ago
  • Mari promised to help Carlito 2706 days ago
  • Carlito confirmed Mari's interest 2705 days ago
  • Katrin promised to help Carlito 2679 days ago
  • Carlito confirmed Katrin's interest 2679 days ago
  • Kristi "hi there, how is the book club going on? "

    2563 days ago
  • Carlito "The seats are quite empty!"

    2563 days ago
  • Marlen "What's going on then?"

    2395 days ago
  • Carlito "I have decided to go it alone and make a start to the project myself with help from a couple of close friends. The "promised help" mentioned above so far has not happened or was not followed through. I have now made a facebook page and mini web site promoting the project and bringing the idea to others. The project depends greatly on people taking action."

    2394 days ago
  • Elise "Hey, Carlito! Could you please share the facebook/ web page of this project? Sounds like something I might be interested in contributing to."

    2366 days ago
  • Carlito "I propose a meeting for anyone interested in March 6th. Hopefully that will give enough time for some people to attend? Any takers? "

    2331 days ago