Martin may advise people on creating free websites in Estonia

Categories: Computers Marketing/PR
Location: Tallinn
Valid: indefinitely
If you live in Estonia and would like to register an .ee domain or create a free website, I could help you with the first steps to get going.
I need help or Ask for more info


  • Maarten "Do you also design web sites?"

    4156 days ago
  • Ene-liis is interested in this offer from Martin 3770 days ago
  • Martin "Maarten, I do not design websites. Sorry. And the .EE domain is now for annual fee, otherwise everyone can register. Ene-Liis, what is your interest about? Can you be more specific?"

    3770 days ago
  • Ene-liis "I'd need some help creating a website. Does your offer still stand? :)"

    3770 days ago