How did it begin?

Star of Gratitude

The Star of Gratitude is the “money” of the Bank of Happiness – the Value Entity of the Good Will. The rate of the Star of Gratitude is 1 good deed = 1 Star of Gratitude.

The Star of Gratitude can be equal with a big hug, a box of chocolates or with gratitude coming from the heart. If you have at least one Star of Gratitude, you have done something important. The Star of Gratitude is a reminder of a good deed and can cheer you up during hard times. There could be endless amount of Stars of Gratitude on your account, everything is up to you.

The Star of Gratitude will promote the gratitude economy besides the common economy in the society. The Star of Gratitude enables to increase personal image capital. On the day when you become a millionaire of the Stars of Gratitude, you will become one of the most honorable people in the society. The Star of Gratitude is money that will never be devaluated!

In the future the Star of Gratitude could also become a real exchange unit, for what it might be possible to get a cup of coffee in a cafe etc. What will be the value of the Star of Gratitude in the society, depends on all of us!