How did it begin?

What is the Bank of Happiness?

The Bank wants to make people think and act with their heart. The Bank is meant for all those who value good deeds and have the will to do good.

The Bank of Happiness was created from the ideas of ordinary people and it isn’t anyone’s personal ambition or business plan. The purpose of the Bank is to promote non-monetary values, in order to help people find their way back to the deeper self. The prerequisite to the operation of the Bank are real people in need and helpers, i.e. benefactors, people among us.

The Bank of Happiness promotes the gratitude economy where rules that at first seem impossible, prevail. By sharing something that you obtain, you can multiply the benefit received. How much exactly depends on the value of the shared thing. The bigger the value of the thing to be shared, the bigger the benefit of sharing. Every small thing that you share with others always gives a bigger benefit than it is worth!

Why should you join the Bank of Happiness?

There are many reasons. The purpose of the initiative was completely sincere and direct, led by the wish to do good for the entire society. Participation in the activities of the Bank of Happiness is easy and fun. The Bank offers new experiences and the possibility to meet interesting people. In the Bank of Happiness you will feel needed and experience joy from giving and receiving. The Bank of Happiness is the only bank where EVERYTHING is free of charge!